Reduce 350 calories/day (1 candy bar)
= 36 lbs weight loss/year

Healthy Body Plans Daily Tip

Take the Pre Diabetes Risk Quiz.

Our BHaSH program is designed for at-risk individuals

Digital Coaching Resources for the Prevent T2 – Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Improve the impact of your program and productivity of your lifestyle coaches
  • Coaching resources are designed for plug-n-play use
    • Presentation Slides
    • Podcast Library
    • 600-page Guidebook – 100,000 words
    • Narrated Movie Presentation of Slides
  • Movies and podcasts produced in short crisp segments (5-minutes)
  • Access a Solution for your program today
    • Deliver missed sessions for participants via email
    • Improve healthy habits between meetings
    • Provide a guidebook for participants who want to read
    • Increase coaching consistency with slides and scrips

Healthy Body Plans Workbook

  • Self paced sections include practical exercises to help you design your program
  • Fast and safe weight loss that keeps coming off and stays off
  • 16 sessions offer comprehensive solutions to every challenge you can imagine
  • eBook versions on Apple and Amazon Stores
  • eBook versions on Apple and Amazon Stores
  • Print workbooks available upon request

Better Heart and Sugar Health Guidebook and Digital Program

  • Lower your risk of heart disease progression
  • Reduce the odds and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Integrated content organized into 26 weekly sessions
  • eBook resources
  • Podcast library
  • Video presentations
  • Mobile phone app for tracking and monitoring (coming soon)
  • Reminders and hints pushed to your phone
  • Designed to meet your preferences
  • Tailored to your personal needs and situation

The Science of Weight Loss: Podcasts

  • Short, easy to listen podcasts in 4 main categories
    • food
    • activity
    • behavior
    • support
  • Over 10 hours of audio podcasts
    • 2-minute short episodes deliver crisp hints and reminders
    • 5-minute hot topic episodes are easy to digest issues in 4 categories
  • Compliments and reinforces other Healthy Body Plan products
  • 30-minute live interviews with Q&A sessions from listeners released monthly
  • BHaSH Program Resources (require BHaSH fee for access)
  • 7-hours of video-movie presentations with narrated slides
    • Grouped into 26 session themes
    • Three to five 5-minute presentations for each themed session

Humor for Health

  • Emotions influence health behavior
  • Increased positivity increases openness to new ideas
  • Laughter is good medicine
  • Cartoon flyers are available individually or in sets

One-on-One Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

  • Experienced Professional Lifestyle Coaches
  • One on One Coaching Sessions
  • Choose the Contact Method of Your Choice
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Video
    • Text Message
  • 1-Hour Time Blocks Available in the Gift Shop Online
  • Coaches are available 7am – 10 pm (eastern U.S. time zone: UTC -5:00)

Coaching Resource Packages (for CDC Prevent T2 Program)

The Prevent T2 program provides the framework for all lifestyle coaching resources and approved through CDC. Support face-to-face group, distance and virtual sessions with your participants. Spend more time focusing on individuals and less time creating program materials. Coaching resources are designed for “plug-n-play” use on an ad hoc basis or a total package for your program delivery.

  • Creating Participant Content for Missed Sessions
    • Video presentation movies capture the highlights of each season
    • Electronic guidebook content for every session
    • Podcasts allow for participant review for car, phone, walking review
  • Increasing Healthy Habits for Participants Between Group Meetings
    • Forward resources for participants after group sessions to access on-demand
    • Distribute daily podcast link via phone or email
    • Lifestyle coaches can review practical exercises with participants
  • Develop Session Review Materials for Participants
    • 1-hour of interactive content available for each session
    • Various formats for preferred learning styles (audio, print, visual)
    • CDC Participant Guide content is integrated into the guidebook
    • Session newsletter format delivers click-through access to review materials
  • Send Short Tips and Hints to Participants
    • Video presentation movies are 4-7 minute clips
    • 1-minute shorty podcasts or 5-minute hot topic podcasts
    • Print content with bullet point hints
    • All resources are available for electronic distribution and access
  • Provide a Guidebook for Participants Who Want to Read
    • All 26 sessions are covered
    • Each chapter includes approximately 20-minutes of reading
    • Electronic formats in Adobe-pdf or ePub for desktop or phone
    • CDC personal stories are included in chapters
    • Color and photo’s improve readability
  • Increase Lifestyle Coach Consistency with Presentation Slides & Scripts
    • Presentation slides and scripts improve consistency between coaches

Healthy Body Plans Overview Video

Products in Development

from Healthy Body Plans

Weight Loss App

  • A science-based weight loss app
  • Set your personal goals
  • Record what you want: activity, water, calories, weight
  • Look up calories for your foods
  • Explore new areas to help you reach your goals
  • Receive reminders, tips and tricks through the app as much or as little as you wish
  • Projected release mid-2022

Health Path of Power

The Health Path of Power (HealthPoP) is a resource to encourage discussion and the personalization of lifestyle change for group class participants. The illustration is a tool to generate discussion within a narrated script. Participants interpret the illustration and gain knowledge. A lay facilitator guides the discussion to integrate observations into participant goals. The maps are 3 feet x 3 feet for easy viewing in participant huddles. A full map with individual sheet maps for each participant and the narration script are included in the HealthPop set. Projected availability HealthPop-1 spring 2022, HealthPop 2 through 8, 2022-2023.

  • Mobile phone app to help you quit nicotine and tobacco addiction
  • Set your quit date
  • Keep track of your use and smoking during the day
  • Explore how much your habit costs you each year
  • Learn about short and long-term benefits to quitting
  • Receive reminders, tips and tricks from Free Nic as much or as little as you wish
  • Projected release early 2023

Tracker Kit

  • Group class management system for program managers and lifestyle coaches
  • Reminders and Motivational Sound Bites for Missing Participants
  • Congratulatory Messages for Weight and Activity Success
  • Tailored Messages Driven by Chat-Bots and Artificial Intelligence Engines
  • Standard and Custom Reports for Trending and Outcome Analytics on Demand
  • Interface with Participant mHealth apps for self-monitoring data capture
  • Eliminate Cumbersome and Time Consuming Data Entry
  • Generate Claims Submission Files for Reimbursement and Revenue Tracking
  • Projected availability 2023

Healthy Body Game

Multi-media resources are integrated within the video game experience of the Healthy Body Game. Designed to engage and delight the user between various scenarios, decision points and learning modules. Participant created avatars interact with game characters. Participants earn points through actions including; personal data input, increasing knowledge and making health choices in the gaming virtual world. Healthy Body game includes numerous behavioral principles to engage and drive lifestyle change. Projected availability late 2023 – early 2024.