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We need your questions and feedback. Let’s start out with a very common request from participants. I want to lose (fill in the pounds) in (usually a few weeks or months). I hear that a lot. Now, fad diets can drop pounds but not sustained weight loss from fat. It takes time. Let’s hear from you. What is your goal and how long can you take to reach the goal. We are accused of being too short-sighted. Are we? Let’s find out. Start the discussion. Let’s hear from you!

By HealthyBody#1

Healthy Body LC is an incubator start-up for mHealth intellectual property conceived by Philip Smeltzer during his work helping individuals and organizations improve health and integrated into Healthy Body for commercialization. Products marketed and distributed are science-based apps, developed by subject matter experts designed to be fun and engaging using innovative and proven techniques. Our customers are challenged to make lasting lifestyle habit changes and seek proven approaches in an entertaining and engaging media.

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