About Us


Help individuals improve their health and reduce lifestyle risks in daily living.

Our Philosophy

Science Based

The foundation for each program and service is based on current evidence available in scientific publications and input from subject matter experts.


Our development teams and clients operate in a fun, entertaining and stimulating environment. 


Programs and services deliver innovative solutions.


We serve as a conduit to allow academic research based intellectual property to generate sustainable revenue and profits for development teams and partners.

Meet the Head Coaches

Philip A. Smeltzer, PhD
Emily Mariana, RN, BSN

Dr. Smeltzer

Philip Smeltzer PhD, co-founded Healthy Body in Montana in 2014. His leadership roles include research, development and execution of products from the Atlanta Georgia offices. Dr. Smeltzer is an expert in weight loss and lifestyle habit behaviors.

Phil was recently the Chief Strategy Officer at SpursTech. He was responsible for research and development of digital health solutions and sprint leader for client development projects. Dr. Smeltzer has designed and launched more than 10 health releated mHealth apps at SpursTech.

Earlier in his career Phil was a Managing Consultant, Employer Solutions at Optum for five years. There he evaluated health promotion and health management programs for primarily Fortune 100 clients. Dr. Smeltzer was the Vice President, Health Care Systems and Quality Improvement at HealthNowNY in upstate New York. He worked in the managed care arena in a variety of roles including quality improvement, information, health promotion, weight loss and disease management for 12 years.

Phil was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the preventive care and wellness programs at Humana for four years. Dr. Smeltzer has also worked as an Associate Director with the Wellness Institute of Buffalo and Western New York an advocacy agency. He was a field product manager for Abbott Diagnostics after service as a Marine Corps Officer on active duty for 5 years and the Reserves for 19 years.

Dr. Smeltzer holds a Master of Science Degree from Canisius College, Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University. Philip obtained his PhD at the University of Louisville, School of Public Health and Information Science in Health Promotion and Behavioral science. Academic interests have focused on obesity management and the use of communication techniques to change behavior.

Emily Mariana, RN, BSN

Emily Mariana’s diverse business and clinical skills have honed a sharp talent and attention to detail for administration, project management and operational insights. She has led teams in a small business, health insurance carriers, hospitals, ambulatory care and coached Veteran’s Administration patients’ across five different states.


Ms. Mariana has a broad set of management experiences. Leadership roles as a Registered Nurse include nurse manager roles in hospitals and public health departments. Emily served in the medical management department at BCBS of Montana. She started and operated a printing company franchise in Fort Collins Colorado for more than 5 years. This deep set of management experience is valuable as a co-founder of Healthy Body.

Coaching, Clinical and Education Experience

Ms. Mariana has served in a diverse set of clinical roles ranging from obstetrics in a community hospital, starting a hospice service, leading a telehealth team, emergency and trauma care, public health and serving as a nurse educator. She prefers to use a coaching method focused on motivational interviewing and decisional balance. Her coaching expertise includes disease management, chronic disease and weight loss. Emily is a registered nurse and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Montana State University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Healthy Body LC?

Healthy Body LC is a limited liability company headquartered in Georgia. We are privately owned and all partners are residents of Georgia. We also do business as Healthy Body Plans and Healthy Body.

Who created your products?

Our programs and products were created by individuals who are research scientists or health professionals. Dr. Smeltzer reviews all content and participates in the product design and engineering.

What is the cost?

Products vary. We have tried to break down media types as separate products. If you want to buy an eBook it is $14.99. Apps will be priced at $1.99 or $0.99. Some of the premium apps will be $1.99 per month as a subscription. A license is available for organizations or other coaches to use a product. Many of our products can be tested through a trial period. Our BHaSH program is free for some individuals through a local Lions Club.

Are there any other products available?

Yes, thanks for asking. The Healthy Body Plans Workbook is available in print for as an Apple eBook for $14.99. A group or class based program for heart disease and diabetes prevention is available for employer workplaces. The Better Heart and Sugar Health (BHaSH) is available in a virtual delivery mode through a mobile app or desktop versions. The BHaSH Guidebook is available on Apple and Kindle eBook stores. The Apple format is $14.99. We are developing a series of illustrations for group sessions of U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program, titled the Health Path of Power (HealthPoP). A series of cartoon flyers relating to weight loss and tobacco cessation are available in the gift shop on this site.

Are there any in-app purchases or advertisements?

No! We do not allow any promotions, ads or pop-ups from any outside partners. We may promote other Healthy Body products from time to time, but we keep that limited. You bought it, you own it. We don’t want to clutter the screens with ads. We think you agree.

Who has access to my data?

We do not share data with any outside companies, parties or agencies. We will post the total participant data in aggregate on our website if you would like to view our data policy please click for the legal spiel.