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Digital Coaching Resource Brochure

Download the Digital Lifestyle Coaching Resources marketing brochure. Coaching resources are designed for “plug-n-play” use on an ad hoc basis or a total package for your DPP program delivery. Audio and visual materials include presentation slides with script, narrated presentation videos, podcasts, electronic format guidebook. Built on the Prevent T2 framework.

A chart with illustrated foods in two columns.  The column headings are eat this on the left and limit this on the right.  The left column includes vegetables, fruit, whole grains, fish, pultry, and more.  The right colum with foods to avoid includes, fatty foods, fat dairy, sugar sweetened beverages, sweets and sodium. This is part of the cookbook.

Download your free file of the DASH recipe book and eating plan. The original file is public access from the U.S. National Institute of Health, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. We have added several resource pages to make this even better. You can purchase a hard copy version of this document in our gift store if you like.

The cover of the workbook for weight loss is shown.  In the upper left corner the words sample version are shown.

A sample version, to whet your appetite (sorry for the pun), is available to download as a pdf. An iBook version is available at no charge on the Apple iBooks store. A $0.99 Amazon Kindle version is also available. The sample includes the introduction and the first session of the 200 page workbook.

The cover for the privacy and data use policy is displayed with the healthy body plans logo.

Your privacy is guarded vigorously at Healthy Body Plans. Read our privacy policy to appreciate we will never sell your information to any outside party. The legalese is tough to handle. We tried to make it as easy to understand as possible.

The first page of the white paper titled, implementing worksite health promotion and improving the culture of health in an organization.

The introduction of lifestyle change programs for workplace employees requires support from the organization. Changing the workplace culture is hard and a key factor in successful programs. Our white paper outlines the framework and provides an audit process to quantify progress.

The first page of the white paper is shown.  The logo at the top is Free (in blue) Nic (in orange) with a stop sign outline and a puff of smoke.  The outline is red and their is a forbidden diagonal red line across the image.

The power of a mobile resource for participants to quit a nicotine addiction is grounded in science and research. Understand how our Free-Nic app delivers the best science to each individual app customer.

The cover for the white paper titled, a step therapy approach to overweight and obesity management.  Integrating mHealth interventions.  A medium size healthy body plans logo.  The author is listed as Philip A. Smeltzer, PhD and the revision date is December 2021.

The ubiquitous nature of mobile smart phones is a resource tailor-made for a weight loss platform. The white paper outlines the feedback from focus groups on what a weight loss app should include. This evidence was the starting point for the design of the Healthy Body Plans weight loss app.

The cover for the white paper titled, considertions for conversational agents in mHealth apps.  in parens, chatbots.  A big logo for healthy body plans in the center and the author listed as Philp A. Smeltzer, PhD with a revision date of March 2021.

The terms artificial intelligence and machine learning are active in the health industry conversations. This white paper reviews the literature and presents the use-case for integrating chatbots into health related applications.

The cover of the participant guide for the CDC Prevent T2 program is shown.  The header is green with the title and the picture includes apples, a tape measure other fruit and blue green running shoes.
Better Heart and Sugar Health (BHaSH) Participant Guide from CDC
Link to the CDC national diabetes program website page.  The image includes the CDC logo.
Discover resources for diabetes prevention from CDC
The image and link is the logo for the national institute of health, national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney disease.
Research and results of diabetes prevention studies
The image is the icon for the U.S. dept of agriculture MyPlate education program.
Nutrition and MyPlate information from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
The image is the logo for the American College of Sports Medicine.  The web page is for physical activity guidelines and resources.
Physical activity guidelines and resources
The image is the program from American Diabetes Association, stop diabetes.  The web page includes weight loss resources.
Weight loss resources from American Diabetes Association
The image is the logo of the American Heart Assocaition.  The web page includes clinical guidelines for obesity treatment and management.
Clinical guidelines for obesity treatment and management