Getting Started with Digital-BHaSH

Digital-BHASH is based on the most recent science endorsed by national agencies. The lifestyle coaches who designed and support the Digital-BHaSH program have been certified and are subject matter experts in obesity and preventive health.

The primary goal of Digital-BHASH is for all participants to obtain 150 minutes of physical activity each week and lose 5 or more body weight.

We have more than two-dozen sessions available for you. The phase 1 sessions deliver all the key skills, knowledge and recommendations for you to succeed. Then phase 2 offers additional topics on common challenges to help you maintain your new health habits. We designed each session to be completed in one or two weeks. If you invest 5-10 minutes per day you can expect to master a new session every week.

Each session includes the following resources. Some sessions are longer and a few are shorter in length.

  • An ePub workbook you can view on your computer, tablet or phone in iBooks or a Kindle. Most workbook sessions offer knowledge gaining sections, and a participant summary. Each part of the workbook can be read in 5-10 minutes.
  • A movie presentation. 3 or more movies are in each session. The video format is a narrated slide presentation. We have over 75 movies for you. Each presentation movie is 5-7 minutes.
  • Podcasts are available in short 2-minute and full 5-minute versions. Podcasts are summaries of key hints, suggestions and short-cuts to help you improve your daily health habits. We have over 200 podcasts for listening. That’s more than 10 hours of expert insights into a healthier heart and lower risk of developing diabetes.
  • Quizzes and action plans to help you integrate what you have mastered into your daily life.
  • Daily tips, reminders and suggestions for your health and personal goals.