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Download your eBook today. Available in the Apple iBooks store or Amazon Kindle store. Easy, fast, proven weight loss help. Your Healthy Body Plans Weight Loss Workbook is only $14.99 in iBooks. A free sample version including the introduction and session 1 is also available on iBooks or for $0.99 in Amazon Kindle.

Over 200 printed pages and 50,000 words organized into 16 sessions. Each session includes sections on food topics, physical activity, behavior techniques and building a support system. Activity exercises help each participant discover key triggers and issues that influence daily lifestyle habits. Personal coach sessions are available below.

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Download your BHaSH eBook today. Available in the Apple iBooks store or Amazon Kindle store. The BHaSH guidebook serves as the framework for the digital version of the better heart and sugar health (BHaSH) program. Your BHaSH guidebook is only $14.99 in iBooks. The 26 chapters follow the CDC Prevent T2 curriculum.

Over 300 printed pages and 100,000 words with color pictures, entertaining cartoons, notable quotes and practical exercises, found throughout the resource. Personal coach sessions are available below. If you participate in the digital BHaSH program, the guidebook is included in separate sessions.

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Access the Science of Weight Loss Show on Apple Podcasts and other popular platforms. Subscribe for $1.99 per month.

The over 9-hour library of episodes includes several formats.  Short podcasts or shorties, are 1 to 2 minute and deliver a crisp, concise tip or technique.  Hot topics include 5 minutes of key area content to help manage daily habits.  Sessions are video and audio topics between 5 and 10 minutes each.  News and interviews are recorded live and include late breaking news or interviews with real-life clients who are on the Healthy Body journey as well as subject matter experts in the field of weight management.

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The Better Heart and Sugar Health (BHaSH) program is based on the PreventT2 curriculum developed at CDC.  This digital health program allows individual participation and is a $279 one-time investment. The HEALTHY BODY PLAN Health coaches who present the BHaSH program have been certified on the CDC Prevent T2 program.  This evidence based approach is based on the original research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh and widely published.  The primary goal of BHaSH is for all participants to obtain 150 minutes of physical activity each week and lose 5%-7% or more body weight.  Audio, eBook, video and movie presentations are delivered over a 12 months’ time frame to support long term success and establish healthy lifestyle habits including weight loss and an active lifestyle. A virtual mobile app based version of BHaSH is in development. Participants in Georgia may be eligible for a fee waiver through their local Lions Club International chapter. Call (833)933-2639 for waiver eligibility.

Digital Coaching Resources for the Prevent T2 Program

  • Presentation Slides with Coaching Script
  • Movie Presentations (MP4) with Narrated Slides
  • Podcasts
    • Over 100 1-minute shorty podcasts
    • Over 75 5-minute hot topics
  • Volume discounts on BHaSH Guidebooks for participants as low as $4.95/eBook
  • Comprehensive Resource Package < $40/session
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Book a personal one-on-one coaching session with a certified lifestyle coach today. Gain weight loss and diabetes prevention insights and new techniques to overcome your challenges and reach your personal goals. One hour of coaching access is $100 (includes 3-4 sessions of 15-20 minutes each). Your coach will partner with you and develop an action plan for success. Coaching interactions are included in the BHaSH or e-BHaSH programs at no additional fee.