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Better Heart and Sugar Health (BHaSH)

    The BHaSH program is based on the T2 curriculum developed at CDC.  The HEALTHY BODY PLAN Health coaches who present the BHaSH program are trained lifestyle coaches who follow the Prevent T2 CDC program from CDC.  This evidence based approach is based on the original research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh and widely published.  The primary goal of BHaSH is for all participants to obtain 150-minutes of physical activity each week and lose 5% or more body weight.  Audio, video and presentations combined with print and mobile app resources are delivered over a 6-12 months time frame to support long term success and establish healthy lifestyle habits.

    A core set of 16-weekly group sessions is phase 1 of BHaSH. These core topics are reinforced and additional topics on common challenges are presented in a maintenance phase throughout the 6-12 month curriculum.

    A certified lifestyle coach will facilitate each session. Individual one-on-one counseling is also available to participants. You have two options to improve your health with BHaSH. A digital health version is available from the privacy and convenience of your home. Through your desktop or phone you can access practical tips, hints and insights into better heart and sugar health. The BHaSH guidebook is an option to receive most of the information in an eBook format. Group sessions (in-person, face to face) are available at select locations, typically in employer workplaces.

    Several assumptions support the BHASH program approach

    • Individuals with one or more risk factors for developing diabetes face common issues
    • These individuals as patients manage multiple health and daily living challenges
    • When a health coach facilitates a group of individuals to address weight loss and physical activity, a majority of participants will achieve healthy goals and prevent the onset of diabetes, lower cardiovascular event risks and overall improved health
    • Participation is the key to success!  Engagement and active use of recommended skills through BHaSH is associated with long term success
    • If you are not confident you can attend weekly sessions for the first several months of phase 1 and monthly sessions for another 6-12 months, BHaSH may not be for you.

    The Madison Georgia Lions club is a co-sponsor of BHaSH. The participant fees may be waived for many Morgan County Georgia participants (reduced from $279 per program). Optional individual materials from Healthy Body Plans are available for purchase in print form and electronic versions for participants if desired.

    New groups form every month. Register today to get start for better heart and sugar health.

    One of our lifestyle coaches will follow-up with you to confirm your registration and answer your questions.

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