Healthy Body Plans Weight Loss Workbook (print version)


200 page weight loss workbook


The result of extensive research, personal observations and creative thought produced the HBP program. The program is organized into multiple sessions. Each session includes knowledge content in four areas,

  • food
  • activity
  • behavior
  • support.

Practical tasks and self-paced exercises are presented for individual completion. This is the secret sauce of the HBP program. The main emphasis of the HBP is the goals of making small changes in daily tasks and habits that will be sustained over your lifetime. The program is not a diet or a quick fix. Enjoy the adventure of the HBP. You are in control. Have fun and good luck. It’s your body – go for it.

16 sessions deliver insights, tips, techniques to help you reach your goals. 200 pages are in the Healthy Body Plan


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